Chemical Guys JDM Squash Scent Air Freshener - 473mL

Chemical Guys

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JDM Scent combines a full-bodied fresh and clean soapy scent with subtle citrus top notes and a candy finish to revitalize and refresh any dank interior with the nostalgic scent of your first car.

Use This Air Freshener To:

Relive your youth of tuned JDM cars
Refresh any stinky space in and out of your car
Recall the memories of your first car
Replace stale air with fresh clean fun
Reinvigorate any space that needs a refreshing boost
Fresh Clean Scent Of JDM Air Freshener

All those back road trips and highway pulls were made sweeter with JDM cartridge air fresheners emanating the invigorating fragrance of soap, citrus, and candy. Now, you can mist that pleasing fresh aroma anywhere! JDM Squash Scent pleases the senses with the fresh scent of cleanliness and fresh air. Enjoy the luscious scent of tuned up drift machines with JDM Squash Scent!

Freshens And Destroys Odors

Chemical Guys scents are not just air fresheners; theyre odor eliminators as well. Specialty enzymes seek out and destroy odor-causing elements to eliminate foul smells right at their source. Use JDM Squash Scent during an AC system purge to replace AC stenches with fresh crisp cool air. Choose Chemical Guys JDM Squash Scent for the fresh clean scent of sideways cruises in any JDM ride.

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