Mothers CMX Ceramic Wash & Coat - 01548

Mothers CMX Ceramic Wash & Coat - 01548


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Mothers® CMX® Ceramic Wash & Coat is the fastest way to a brilliantly clean, “just coated” liquidy-gloss appearance and SiO2 nano-quartz protected finish. Combining powerful penetrating surfactants and state-of-the-art water softening polymers with the unmatched hydrophobic properties of ceramic coatings, we’ve uncorked the real secret to vehicle maintenance.

This high efficiency (HE), low sudsing, lubricating formula dissolves, encapsulates and suspends dulling contaminants while neutralising water spot-causing minerals. This minimises drying time and helps to protect your paint from wash-induced scratches and swirls, all while rinsing clean without streaking or spotting. Environmentally friendly and pH neutral, this formula can be used as a bead booster over your existing ceramic coating, sealant or wax, or even as a stand-alone quick-coat on uncoated vehicles

  • SiO2 nano-quartz technology 
  • Cleans, shines and protects 
  • Instant hydrophobic beading 
  • For that "just coated" liquidy-gloss appearance

Shake well before use. Begin with a cool surface. Wash from top to bottom. Rinse often, do not let dry. 

Step 1. Pour desired amount of Mothers CMX Ceramic Wash & Coat into bucket (about 50ml-100ml per bucket). Add water with hose pressure. 
Step 2. Hose off vehicle to remove loose dirt. 
Step 3. Working one area at a time, shampoo vehicle with a clean sponge or wash mitt. 
Step 4. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft, clean microfibre drying towel. 

PRO Tip For maximum water repellence, apply directly onto wash mitt and proceed with steps 2-4.

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