Mothers California Gold Chrome Polish 355 mL - 05212

Mothers California Gold Chrome Polish 355 mL - 05212


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Mothers 05212 California Gold Chrome Polish

Thick, rich and easy-to-use, Mothers Chrome Polish gently deep cleans and brightens automotive chrome bumpers, wheels, trim and accessories. Advanced polymers help protect against fingerprints, spotting, rust and corrosion. Chrome Polish also safely cleans and protects exterior glass and mirrors and will not streak, scratch or smear.

No vehicle detailing process is complete without giving the metal trim and wheels a good, thorough polishing. Our California Gold Chrome Polish will let you fast track the work, leaving behind a brilliant shine with advanced protection.

Chrome has been used as a standard metal component in vehicle manufacturing for decades due to its natural ability to resist corrosion – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t susceptible to damage. Exposure to the weather and road conditions can still cause oxidation of the metal, leading to rust, flaking, stains and discoloration. Chrome Polish acts as a shield against these common destructive elements while extending the lifespan of it at the same time. In addition to protecting the metal, taking good care of the chrome will also help to preserve the value of your car.

There’s a reason why polishing the chrome is a key step of every automotive detailer. It takes only a few minutes to do and it works effectively to provide the protection that’s needed to maintain the value and look of a vehicle.

Prevent your rims, bumper and trim from looking dirty and faded with the help of our professional-grade California Gold Chrome Polish.

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