Redarc Oil Pressure/temp Gauge 52Mm - G52-Pot Gauges & Accessories

Redarc Oil Pressure/Temp Gauge 52mm - G52-POT


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The REDARC 52mm single oil pressure & oil temperature gauge is ideal for monitoring your engines oil pressure and oil temperature.

The G52-POT gauge is supplied with one REDARC oil pressure sensor that displays from 0 to 80 PSI and a REDARC ¼ NPT thread oil temperature sensor that displays from 60 to 150 degrees Celsius.

Monitoring oil pressure ensures the longevity of your vehicle and allows you to ensure that the correct pressure is maintained so that your car bearings are well lubricated. This is crucial when travelling at continuous high speeds and towing heavy loads. Low oil pressure can be an indicator of a low oil level, diluted or worn out oil, worn engine bearings, high oil temperature or a worn oil pump.

Oil subjected to excessive temperatures can lose its lubrication properties that keep metal parts from touching. If the oil temperature rises above the desired limit, you can reduce the load placed on the engine or transmission to reduce the temperature and prevent engine failure.


    • Satin Chrome Bezel
    • 13 Selectable Backlight Colours
    • Multiple programmable alert levels with amber or red backlight and audible beep
    • Display illuminates when park lights are turned on so you can check oil pressure and temperature without turning on the ignition.
    • If fitting more than one REDARC gauge, a communications link can be connected between the gauges to change the backlight colour of all at once.



    Warranty 2 Years
    Sensor(s) (Included) GS-P-150, GS-OWT1-4
    Sensor (Optional) GS-UT-80 / GS-UT-120 / GS-OWT1-4 / GS-OWT1-8
    Standby Current Draw 30mA
    Input (Operating) Voltage 6 - 16V
    Height (mm) 42
    Weight (kg) 0.05

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